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Libre Office Visual

LibreOffice visual 3D animation, one set of scripts, two versions (the goal is that more versions can be made, and in the form of an Open movie available for anyone to freely download to modify the production).
During the production of this animation in 2018, busy people can only get together every Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. to discuss and work at home separately, how to divide the work so that people can participate in the production is the most difficult, such a fragmented approach is really a challenge.
This 30 seconds of animation is strictly enough for one or two people. But the original purpose of the production is to let a random group of people work together to create it, there are definitely difficulties, because some of us in the community have not even touched 3D, let alone 3D animation. We are not an animation company, and not all the technical equipment is ready, but we are usually busy in our own field, and we are able to do it magically because we all have the spirit of creating and sharing.
This visual headline animation was produced entirely using open source software; #Blender 2.79b does most of the work in 3D motion scripting, 3D animation, editing, post-composition effects, output, etc., #Krita is used in concept art, split-screen scripting and partial paste production, #Inkscape is used in paste text and Icon typography, #Audacity is used in music sound adjustment and editing.
The animation is of course still missing some key elements of personnel involvement, waiting for someone to make it, and although ultimately no one, doesn't care so much about it as it does about whether it can be evolved, used with extensive modifications, and made better and better (Open movie to be released after Blender 2.8 is fixed and fixed).
Thought these work videos had disappeared with the hard drive plague, but fortunately, they were found in another pile of flash drives, so this long-ago LibreOffice visual was edited for a behind-the-scenes production video.

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LibreOffice visual behind-the-scenes production footage



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