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I just can't believe who gets to watch the whole thing! - Part3

According to the concept design workflow that shapes the personality of the character in the film, how can such a job be unhappy! From Sketch, Mesh, Skin, Subdivision, Armature, UV, Multires, Sculpt, Weight, Texture, Pose, Rendering are all in After Blender is completed, with such a complete creative environment, how could the artist be unhappy! It is so pleasant! I am as happy as this dog!

3D modeling is the foundation of 3D, before making 3D models "good", there are traditional art fundamentals to learn, after that there are various levels of application to learn, there will be more knowledge to study in the future.

I am not a teacher, but I know there is no end to learning, and so I know the joys and pains of learning. This is a 1:1 speed sculpture test, and I don't believe anyone can watch the film of the sculpting process, but what I do know is that patience is a learned skill, a learned skill that can be learned with precision. --So, I decided to post a video of the 3D sculpting process to torture everyone, to get back at those who think the video is too short and won't pay to learn.

PS.Of course, anyone can choose not to watch it ~(😊

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