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Awarelism Conceptual Album Part I: Depth of Heart


These  are  impressions  that  are  essentially  unseen  and  unphotographable and aim at increasing people's awareness to live awake and conscious.

Awarelism Conceptual Album Part I: Depth of Heart  -Chinese-English version

 The Chinese word of Awarelism -“覺” has two eanings:“Asleep”and“Awake”So which one matches the concept of Awarelism?If you are the one living awake, you know what you want and don’t want and starts asking why. You are already close to the true meaning of Awarelism;For those don’t want to think too much, it is fine;For those want to express emotion, there are many other alternatives;For those with bored life and are not going to die soon, read this album and begin to awake your awareness! You don’t need to believe on what I said on that,it is not something that you have upon request or may be you don’t even want it at all.


God loves the world, so does Demon. I believe in God; thus I make sure that there are more devils hiding everywhere in human’s daily life. Neither am I a follower of authentic God nor am I an obedient of existing authorities; neither do I want to be a shepherd nor do I want to be a sheep taken for slaughter.

What I am only questioning is: Is the world better with the rise of civilisation?

From the continual killing wars, environment pollution and destroy of the planet due to economic growth of nations, the answer to the above seems to be negative;From the way of Awarelism and stupid way of lives, the answer is negative, too.

Therefore, we should query the direction and purpose of economy, politics, military, technology, region and education.Barbarism would not change even it has been civilised; What it makes is only adopts more technology which has been civilised; cover up its savage better, making people at every classes to drop control of greedy demons and finally destroy of the world with more efficiently.

Image humans are kept in the aircraft-like coffin, losing themselves in the storm of economic development and having no idea where they are heading to; nobody knows whether the driver is Demon or Messiah; nobody knows the destination is the Heaven or the Hell.


"Awarelism" Conceptual Album Part I: Depth of Heart Its End Then Part II: Heart of the forest and Part III: Heart of the Sound Launch! Hope can finish them! I hope, my folks.

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