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Blender ‎Sculptjanuary2020‬ - Day9.tragic - Yellow raincoat

Day9.tragic - Yellow raincoat
Total time: 1 Hour 4 minutes

The world has made a serious mistake; it is expecting something from the Chinese Communist Party.
Stealing and robbing and dehumanizing is the Chinese Communist Party's most powerful weapon of domination, and it is simply impossible for the Chinese Communist Party to become civilized and free and democratic.
Today, the world has lost Hong Kong again, just another bloody testimony to the appeasement and rape. Instead of helping China become civilized and liberal and democratic, the globalized capitalists have for decades fueled the arrogance of the ruling Chinese Communist Party regime to infiltrate the nakedly liberal and democratic world, giving the Chinese Communist Party even more capital to do what it wants to do.
The Chinese Communist Party is shameless, the WHO is shameful, the Human Rights Council is even more shameful, and the Chinese Communist sympathizers in a free, democratic country with the rule of law and human rights are even more shameful, especially those capitalists who are profit-minded. 
--The township has failed him and failed us.

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Day9.tragic - Yellow raincoat Time-lapse

Day9.tragic - Yellow raincoat

Day9.tragic - Yellow raincoat