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I am an inspirational artist: Many ideas but few finished works; starts quick but ends hard. Hit upon big and complex idea, and in additional, to the endless loop for enhancing the creations, my stub-bone personality leads to work hard and get no finished establishment for long time in result.
Carrying the idea originated from the end of year 2011, what terrified me most is not my experience and strength, but rather my persistence and toughness to keep faith on the idea till year 2014. During the period, I also shifted gradually from familiar proprietary softwares to unfamiliar free open source softwares. The reason is because the bad feeling of being controlled in the monopolistic system. So I adopt Awarelism and get rid of them along the way. Not yet get rid of them completely, but it would be soon. In the era when tool manufactures are more powerful then the creators, I am disgusted with elaborating how I use the tools.

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We wish you a merry Christmas!

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These guys, but the whole of Taiwan and even the whole of Asia, the world's first use of 3D all-like photography technology to play it! 😁

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Wedding dress part 6/2

Wedding dress part 6/1

Wedding dress part 6/3

Wedding dress part 6/5

3DVR Holographic panorama online wedding world premiere



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Magician master MW

Gojira vs Urutoraman



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3D printing

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3D printing


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3D printing

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3D printing


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3D printing

Michael wu santaclaus show

3D printing



Skull Candle

Cheerleading boy

3D photo Scan+VR3D360


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3D printing

3D photo Scan

3D photo Scan

Ton Roosendaal



3DPSS part2

3DPSS part1

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En Cheng Pau

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Punk rings

Grimace eye ring


Crazy Dog