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After Hollywood licked communism, movies with communist elements went bad, and after Google, Twitter, and FB licked communism, the freedom of speech and sharing on the internet went bad. Since DW, FR, VOA, BBC, NYTimes and other national news media licked the Communist Party, the content has become bad. The quality of all cheap consumer products has gotten worse since Communist China became the world's factory, and global ecological pollution levels have gotten worse. Communist China's Wuhan pneumonia endangers the life and quality of life of the entire human race, making the whole world's atmosphere incredibly bad. The whole world will not be good if America is not good. If you don't support Trump who makes America great again, who are you going to support. We are very simple, who licks the communists, who opposes them. Whoever opposes the devil party that is the commies, supports whoever.

The character has been bound using Blender 2.9's Rigify, has 10 keyframes of expression actions built in first (including A pose and T pose), and generally looks OK, so let's see how it performs next (obj's format directory also includes these 10 sets of action models). I was really short of money and had to sell my US President. I don't think he'll mind if he's a billionaire. :P