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I just can't believe who gets to watch the whole thing! - Part 13

This is a very old way of making 3D models of the process, and it’s not strictly special. The point to emphasize here is that tools are just tools. At stake in 3D model making is one’s art base.The art base is good enough for any tool to be handy.

There are so many ways to create 3D character models that it can be confusing to know how to start. I can roughly categorize them into two ways; one is “from simple to complex” and the other is “from complex to simple”.


The best advice for 3D beginners is to start from simple points, lines and surfaces, and work from simple to complex. This kind of wiring modeling method, which has been unchanged for more than 30 years, can be applied to any 3D software, and it works especially well in Blender.

It’s also great for sculpting and then topology. It’s very fast and suitable for prototyping and 3D printing, but for animation, you have to burn more time on topology.

I use both of these methods, but the “simple to complex” method is the one I use more often, because it requires less hardware and software, and the lower number of surfaces ensures more freedom to modify the model. This 1 hour and 24 minutes side-by-side video is recorded using the “from simple to complex” method, only a small portion of the sculpture is used. It is recommended to watch the time-lapse video first, and then decide whether to watch the 1:1 process video or not.

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